How much money do I need to make; how much can I afford to spend?


Many survey sites are actually directories of surveys online.  There is a small entry fee in order to use the directory and apply for as many surveys as seem appropriate to your needs.  Sometimes there is an ongoing membership fee to receive updates and articles to help you be a better survey taker.  It’s reasonable to expect a small fee in order to have the convenience of finding hundreds of sites through one portal.  However, if the fee seems excessive, then don’t sign up.  Most of the individual sites can be found for free on the Internet.  You’re paying for convenience, fresh and updated database (constant stream of new leads and job opportunities), not access to the surveys themselves.

A common type of survey is a poll that lures you in with a large product reward (an IPod, a digital camera, or a laptop are common).  Ostensibly, this product is free if you answer a survey and sign up for three of four offers.  Generally, it does require that you make some purchases before the big prize will be sent to you.  Often these are ongoing forced continuity offers that require you to make at least the first month purchase in order to qualify toward the “free” prize.  There are professional survey takers who do very well at meeting the requirements of these types of offers with the least amount out of pocket, and then are able to sell the reward product at a profit.  Still, if you participate in this type of survey, be prepared to spend up front perhaps $100 in order to get a product worth two or three times that.

As indicated earlier, survey work is for most, not something that provides a millionaire level income.  You’re getting a nice extra income in exchange for your time, demographic information and your opinion.  It is realistic to expect to take 6 to 12 surveys a day and make perhaps $250 per week doing so. You need to ask if the trade-off in your time (two hours per day) is worth it for this level of payout.

Important Questions You Must Ask and Answer Before You Do Surveys

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