What is my motivation and what are my goals for getting involved in surveys?


If it is primarily a hobby with some financial and product rewards, then this activity may be for you.  If you need to go find a lucrative business in order to buy a new mansion and a luxury car, e.g., Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano, then doing paid surveys is probably not the way to do it.  It can supplement your income, but it is a nonexistent survey taker who becomes a millionaire at it.  Sorry, that’s just the facts.

The best survey takers are motivated by the intrinsic value of knowing that a product or service may be improved because of the thoughtful responses you give to a survey.  The financial and product rewards are secondary in importance. Still, you’ll feel especially good, then, when a check for $25 from the survey company comes shortly after you’ve spent only 30 minutes taking a survey.  It feels good when you get to keep some new product you were asked to try out and review. 

If financial or product rewards are a must for you to get involved in surveys, then you’ll want to screen the survey companies such a reward.  This will cut down substantially on the number of surveys that you might otherwise be invited to respond to. 

Important Questions You Must Ask and Answer Before You Do Surveys

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