Am I willing to be a guinea pig?

Among the more lucrative types of paid survey work is as a member of a product, research study or focus panel.  One might make $150 or more for a half day stint on a focus group panel.  Someone who agrees to be a part of a double-blind medical research panel may get free medical care for an extended period of time, and a financial stipend to boot. 

If you agree to become a product tester you’ll receive a variety of items that you’ll get to keep in exchange for using and commenting upon these products.  Often these products will coincide with your interests or hobbies. They may come, however, right when you’re in the middle of preparing for your daughter’s piano recital or your PhD thesis, and the timing may not be convenient for you to fulfill your testing obligations.

If you are involved in a medical panel, of course, there is always the risk that there will be a side-effect that was not caught prior to a human trial.  There is always the chance that you could be permanently injured during a medical trial.

Still, for some the benefits of being involved in medical or product testing panels outweigh the possible downside because the pay and other rewards are usually good and you may find yourself making a significant contribution to science, business or both.

If this type of paid survey work is of interest to you, check your local university or nearest medical research center for research trials.  Watch your local newspaper for press releases announcing research panels. Check with local marketing companies to determine if they do product focus panels and make you known to them.

Important Questions You Must Ask and Answer Before You Do Surveys

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